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Royal Egyptian Flag
لون الوادى وصفاء سمائى وضياء قمرى...,ذلك علمى.. علم بلادى

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rare Photos of HRH Princess Feryal (King Farouk &Queen Farida)

Rare Photos of HRH Princess Feryal
This post is a collection of a rare photos of HRH

Her Majesty the Queen with the toddler princess in the garden 

This is a full body photo but the scanner could not get it all

A day in Princess Feryal life (part1)



part 4

One of the best Family photos

Egyptian red crecent  distributing charity

In the occasion of HRH 5th birthday  Egyptian red crescent had distributed charity to poor area , a girl wanted to give  a small gift  present to HRH  

Princess Feryal stamp 

King Farouk  and the 2 princesss
I have never ever found a photo expresses love,care and passion  as this photo it is an example for tender loving care 

 HRH princess Feryal  taking her doll for a walk
His Majesty King Farouk entertaining HRH princess Feryal 

Queen Farida and HRH princess Feryal 

Royal Shot  of HRH princess  Feryal  (courtesy of Karim Khorshid )

HRH princess Feyal enjoying Breakfast at the Garden (ذاكرة مصر المعاصرة )

HRH princess Feryal playing with her turtle 

ذاكرة مصر المعاصرة

TRH princess Feryal and Fawzia in a summer day
ذاكرة مصر المعاصرة 

His Majesty King Farouk  Taking TRH  Princess Feryal and Fawzia out 

 ذاكرة مصر المعاصرة

His Majesty King Farouk Enjoying the company of TRH  Princess Feryal and Fawzia

Angle Smile,Princess Feryal

Queen Farida ,Princesses Fryal,Fawzia  and Fadia 

HRH princess Feryal swinging

Caring Queen Farida holding HRH princess Feryal

HRH Princess Feryaltaking a rest

HRH princess Feryal  enjoing a sunny winter day with her Mother QueenFarida

HRH princess Feryal playing with dady King Farouk she was THE ONLY person who would not say your majesty

Rare Photo of HRH princess Feryal the First Egyptian ZAHRA

Queen Farida and HRH princess Feryal

HRH princess Ferial giving sweet box for a colleauge
in the photo also Queen Farida and Monira Sabry

HRH princess Feryal waving with a flower

Princes feryal taking Her doll out for a picnic

Toddler princess Feryal first steps

Sleeping beauty princess feryal

Princess Feryal classical photo

King Farouk ,Quen Farida and HRH princess Feryal

King farouk a caring father with princess Feryal in a sunny winter day

Queen Farida and three angels

King Farouk ,Queen Farida and princess Feryal

Caring King Farouk and his lovely daughters

Pretty princess Feryal

King Farouk and and HRH

Princess Feryal chocolate Fun with Mumy Queen farida
Princess Feryal first Driving lesson

King Farouk ,Queen Farida , princess Feryal and Princess F

Queen Farida Holding HRH princess Feryal