Royal Egyptian Flag

Royal Egyptian Flag
لون الوادى وصفاء سمائى وضياء قمرى...,ذلك علمى.. علم بلادى

Saturday, April 24, 2010

King Fouad I promoting tourism

This is a valuable gift from a British friend who truly loves Egypt 
It is a revealing discovery
for us to know that Prince Ahmed Fouad in 1907 though and formed and Egypt Promotion Association to promote Tourism in Egypt ,Tells us that HRH has a vision that surpassed others ,That he had gone to areas  no one had thought of and most of all He was seeking other sources for REVENUE that has never been thought of 
He was a statesman

the guide which was printed by "Egypt Promotion Association "

Egypt and the Sudan Guide c1937/8
You can see 'souvenir' is stuck on the cover, underneath that it reads:
" Issued by the Egypt Promotion Association".

The Egypt Promotion Association" was set up to attract tourists to Egypt by King Fuad while he was still Prince Fuad


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