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Royal Egyptian Flag
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

رحلة امينة هانم زوجه محمد على باشا الى اسطنبول ومصر

From a Turkish book about amina hanem 
This is a summary of  a research I made about Amina hanem the  favourite wife of Mohamed Aly Pacha
 post it in a PDF form in order to make it difficult for the internet Pirate
so they have removed all photos and I'll have to re-post it again with the source
but I'll keep the traces of the removed photos
and I'll  post a link of the same subject at my flicker group

A PDF summary of my research 

Now I leave you with the traces of the stolen photo

قصة سفر امينة هانم زوجة محمد على باشا من قولة الى اسطنبول الى مصر 

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